I help clients effectively communicate their goals and messaging through the designs I create with them. I support my dreams, and my family as a designer and illustrator.

As a designer, I place a lot of emphasis on communication and crafting the best client experience. Whether I’m helping you put a face to your brand, or assisting with design as part of a collaborative team, you’ll discover why designing with me is different.

I’m Emily, and if you like working with friends, you’ve come to the right place! So let’s take a walk outside and chat about your ideas, or ideate over glasses of some earthy, red wine. Ready? Let’s do this.

Guiding an accessible creative experience.

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Need a refresh for your business look, or a brand new identity? Start here.



Let me help you and your team come up with solutions to your marketing and graphic challenges.

Bespoke illustration for a variety of applications.


Hi there,
i'm Emily.

My mission is to help educate my clients on how to use design within their business to effectively meet their goals. I skip the whole "enlightened designer" bit, and jump straight into honest communication with a friendly attitude!

I care about fostering great relationships with my clients. I just might be your idea of the perfect designer... that is if you love the great outdoors, family-time, and, of course, a great glass of wine.

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I care about helping your business succeed with design, so I made these for you.

how to know your business is ready for a designer

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