February 21, 2018

3 Tips For Irresistible Bumble Photos


Tips to make my Bumble account irresistible? Bear with me friends; this post is a little different, and little bit fun. 🙂

So, my friend recently found himself single in the world that is 2018 America. It’s been quite awhile since I dated, but the scene these days is incredibly inundated with dating apps like Bumble. Occasionally, my friend hands hands me his phone, gives me free reign on his Bumble account, and let’s me use the app to scroll past photos of girls to swipe left (not interested) or right (interested) on. He knows I have his best interests in mind, so he doesn’t mind handing his account over. And even though I’m not after cute, 20-something girls, I have to admit, the process of swiping is addicting.

And frustrating. Because ladies and gentlemen on the apps: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

How, do you ask? I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s all in your MARKETING. You have to know how to showcase your product, and in this case, the product is you.

Lucky for you, I’ve been trained in how to set up a series of images that will increase the likelihood of someone purchasing your product. So I’m breaking down how to set up a killer set of photos that are likely going to up your chances of a swipe right by Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Before I begin: these tips don’t mean you have to go out and buy new makeup, spend hours fixing your hair, or convince your buddy to take photos of you working out in the gym. Using what you already have, you can set up a stack that works wonders. Let’s do it.


Tip #1 : You have 3 seconds MAX to get their attention. So make your first photo your best photo.

You’ve been there: suddenly you realize you’ve been swiping for half an hour. Do you really look through every detail of someone’s photos before you choose which direction to swipe? I’m betting that like most of us, eventually, if not initially, you resort to choosing to swipe right or left based on the FIRST PHOTO you see.

Make sure the first photo is an awesome portrait shot of you (JUST you. More on that in Tip #2). Your favorite, and best photo: that’s the one to use here to encourage a swipe right or for someone to dive in deeper.


Tip #2 : People like to know what to expect, so make it easy for them.

I can’t emphasize this enough: STOP INCLUDING PHOTOS WITH YOUR FRIEND. I know, I know: you looked super good that day. Or that photo shows off how much fun you are with your buddy. But in order to figure out WHICH person in the photo is YOU people have to scroll through several photos to figure it out. And guess what? They’re not going to. It’s too much work. They’re frustrated, and they’re going to move on.

The same rule is true of advertising graphic services. If someone offers photography, watercolor paintings, logo design, video game concept designs, and dog portraiture all at the same time, they won’t be selected for any of those things because it’s too confusing to determine what the artist actually does well.

Stick to one area (your awesome self), and focus on it like crazy. Make it the absolute BEST with your unique signature and style.


Tip #3 : Start strong; end strong.

In art related fields the trick to impressing a client or potential employer with your services is to start strong, and end strong. This is so that their initial, and last impression of you is a good one. The stuff that’s not as interesting will fade in their memory a little bit if it’s somewhere in the middle of your portfolio. Use this tactic with your photos. If someone is interested enough to start to look through them, then you too want to “bookend” your photos with the greats.

Try a set up like this:

  1. We already came up with a killer first portrait in Tip #1. Hello handsome / gorgeous.
  2. Another good photo, maybe one that even features your profession in some way.
  3. A photo of you doing a hobby you like, such as hiking, or hanging out with your dog. After all, you’re looking for someone who likes the things you like, right? Weed out the potential suitors you don’t want by focusing on the stuff you love.
  4. Repeat number three with a similar, but different photo.
  5. Knock ’em dead with your second favorite portrait. Yes, your second favorite. You may be nervous they won’t scroll this far, and your second best photo will have been ‘wasted’, but this is the place to create a lasting impression. If they’ve come this far, you want to reward their efforts! Ka-BAM! You’re a catch!


And that’s it! I bet you’ll be amazed at how these three small  marketing tips will affect the overall ‘look’ of your Bumble profile. You’ve led with your best foot, made it easy for people to see who you are, you’ve sprinkled it with a little interest by including photos that allude to your profession or hobbies, and you’ve sealed the deal with a final awesome photo. Now, go get ’em, Tiger.

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