Hey guys, thanks for visiting my corner of the internet. I'm an illustrator turned designer, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

As a designer, I'm all about breaking down the walls around the designer-client relationship with clear, consistent, and real communication. I'm not here to stare you down with my horn-rimmed glasses and black, turtleneck sweater and tell you my designs are genius. That's not my style. I'm excited to hear YOUR ideas, and I love the challenge of creating designs that are effective and DO THE WORK that you need them to do.

Let's grab some coffee, sit down, and strategize together on what some sweet visuals could do for your goals!

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"I don't know what I'm doing. Design is complicated!"

Friend, I hear you. It sure can be! But fear not. When working with me, the level of quality in your finished product isn’t the only thing you’ll be excited about. You can also expect clear and consistent communication throughout the entirety of your project that makes getting and using your designs effortless.

You can rest easy knowing precisely how your project is developing, allowing you to continue doing the important work you do while the designs are completed. And once they are, you’ll have everything you need to finally pitch your big ideas in the most effective way possible!


Let’s get to know each other. I was born and raised a pure Michigan girl: I grew up along it's west coast, I studied in the Motor City, and I’ve worked for numerous companies across the state serving the nation and the world. My project roster includes clients like First Quality, DJI, Jack Links, Geico, Precision Hawk, Moonshine Sweet Tea, and a host of others.

Most days you can find me working away on designs whilst watching documentaries about Michelin starred chefs, or listening to rain sounds (it’s my super-focused choice in audio). If I’m not designing for clients, I’m likely keeping my hands busy with my own pet projects like designing top decks for snowboards, or concocting my dream for a hiking trail app. Or, I chat with my sister who is my best friend (our mental connection makes us perfect partners in a game of Pictionary- it’s basically cheating).

I live with my husband, Chris (Engineer Extraordinaire), who I absolutely adore. He is the kindest, and smartest person I know, and he makes me laugh every single day. One or our favorite pastimes is making up songs about our day. Our duet “Cleaning the Coffee Maker” is a number one jam.

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