My business started with an entrepreneurial, can-do attitude, and a belief that design could be more collaborative and inclusive. Over time in my career, I began noticing a couple of challenges that seemed to be universal. The design roles I’ve held in my traditional 9-to-5s made me privy to these two issues:


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 I also saw that the internal marketing teams I was a part of appreciated my ability to understand and ideate within abstract concepts and business goals. The ability to provide solid design ideas with thought leadership made them feel as if they were finally getting to a real solution (and getting more bang for their buck). They just hadn’t known at the outset how much assistance my design oriented mind could provide. 

I saw that clients were excited to be involved in the creation process. However, they were often mitigated to the sidelines of that creation by designers, due to their “lack of taste”, or limited knowledge of hefty design principles and technical jargon. This left them feeling disappointed, and slightly unsure with the results.

I knew both groups needed a different designer voice.

They believe in the power of the designs to amplify and clarify their story. They also get to live out the truth that everyone is a creative, and that it’s not only a moniker dolled out to those of us who are “talented”. 

By guiding and involving businesses with the creation of their branding and visuals, they’re more invested in the message behind the brand.

By collaborating with marketing teams and embodying their goals first and my design second, they get to tap into another way of ideating for the problem beyond the design of the end product.

I’m Emily, and as you might imagine, I’ve always had a penchant for art. You might be surprised to learn, however, that I don’t believe in talent; that I’m a much bigger believer in desire, grit, and practice. It’s true! I want to know the driving reasons behind everything, so I’m constantly questioning the world around me. I call these questions ‘wonderments’, and in addition to being supremely entertaining questions for my curious mind, they also are why I enjoy the problem solving nature of what I do.

I live in Michigan with my engineer husband. I can hear you from here: “Whoa! Artist, and engineer? What a strange mash-up!”. Consider this, however: we both love getting to the heart of a problem, and then we like to take our expertise to solve for that problem. Starting to sound like a match made in heaven! And our similar, yet different perspectives help significantly as we work to renovate our 1970s ranch house, all by ourselves.

I do the work I do because I believe design shouldn’t be apathetic. I believe design is a gift, and a serious tool in the battle for communicating with the rest of humanity. Communication is a tricky animal, but I believe understanding and being friendly with one another is one of the best pursuits we can hope to live out, and that we can do it with our businesses with the assistance of design.

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