January 24, 2018

Client Engagement Before, During, and After

Client engagement. In today’s marketing, it’s alllll about authentic engagement with clients. This is something I’ve focused on for years when I was employed by an experiential marketing agency. No matter what brands we worked with; be it agriculture tycoons, or certain lizard endorsed insurance companies, the clients seemed to roughly align on one major goal: attract more people to the brand.

Now, this makes sense. It’s basically what marketing is; isn’t it? But for us marketing problem solvers, it wasn’t enough to simply focus on attracting new clients. To do so would be ignoring a potentially much larger engagement cycle that could solidify that new relationship, and extend our reach. Focusing on client engagement before, during, and after that initial contact allowed us to think more strategically about how to cultivate a new, loyal, and engaged client base for these brands.


It all sounds pretty fancy, but it’s really pretty elegant:

  1. Before | How can you attract your ideal client to your business to give you an opportunity to engage with them?

  2. During | Once you’ve nabbed your client, how can you best serve them beyond their expectations?

  3. After | When your client is satisfied and the engagement is over, how can you ensure you complete the sale, encourage repeat business, and receive stellar reviews?


The best part about framing your marketing efforts this way is that it’s cyclical. There’s not necessarily a particular theme that goes out of style, and each round will help you learn more about your ideal client AND the ways they best like to interact with your business! I mean, it’s the most attainable marketing gold, folks.

So how do you get started? Well, you guys, I’m very excited to share a booklet I’ve been working on to help you!!! I’ve been working really hard to get this to you at the beginning of this year so that you can use it to your best advantage throughout 2018! What’s inside, you ask?


Here’s the breakdown.

  1. Why before, during, and after works for new client acquisition, retention, and referrals.

  2. Thought starters for how you could implement the entire strategy.

  3. Examples of how two different businesses might utilize the strategy.

  4. When to use Before, During, and After for different client needs in your business.

  5. A thought starter worksheet page for you business to get strategizing!


Click on the image below to sign up for my e-newsletter to receive your copy immediately! What’s there to lose? Also, if you fill out your worksheet, send it to me! I’d love to see what you’re working on, and with our two heads together I bet we could come up with some killer new ways to work on your engagement strategy!


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