February 14, 2018

Design File Types

If you’ve needed design work done for your business, you’re likely to have run into scenarios where different file types are needed. When you’re trying to navigate the differences of vector art versus .eps versus pdf versus .svg versus any number of other things when all you wanted done were some business cards it can be daunting and frustrating.


To help you figure it all out, I’ve created some cheat sheets to help you! I hope you enjoy it. Simply right click and save the images to your desktop, or pin them to your Pinterest account. Print the cheat sheets off if you’d like to keep them handy for when another project comes up, or share them among your colleagues to be sure everyone is on the same page. Good luck!


Very Important:

Design creation is a complicated process. The qualities of each file type is highly dependent on how the file was built by the designer, how the file has been saved, what medium (print or digital) the file type is intended for, and the printing processes required for different collateral. Therefore, these cheat sheets are not an exhaustive explanation of these file types. Talk with your designer, web designer, or printer if you have any issues. They will be able to explain your unique situation more accurately than any simple bulleted list of features.


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