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To create a logo for EC Adventures, a travel company in northern Michigan specializing in guided leisure and sport vacations to Europe and Hawaii. Specifically, EC Adventures offers guided ski and mountain bike tours, along with personalized instruction for those sports, and tours of the local areas. Their goal was to create a logo for the brand that would invoke their frequent Austrian travel adventures, along with a 10th Anniversary logo for celebrating the company’s history.

Their ideal client is the American adventurer: a client who enjoys traveling while getting to enjoy their passion for winter and biking sports, and delights at the opportunity to meet new people and learn about new places. Therefore, the logo needed to be exciting, edgy, and adventurous- highlighting the experience EC Adventures provides their clientele.


By reversing the “c” and connecting it to the “e” I created a visually pleasing shape that accomplishes a few things: it’s reminiscent of bicycle tires, and also the tracks made by bicycle tires or skis in the snow. By adding a dot to the middle of the backwards “c” we also create an image that is somewhat like a ski pole print in the snow. This design is topped with mountains, which as a symbol are synonymous with adventure, and acurately describe many of the places EC Adventures travels to. In this way, we excite and attract our target audience.

Teko Medium was chosen as the font because it lends itself so well to the outdoor sports look. The logo mark nestles right within the two words, creating a very unique overall logo shape.

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