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My client wanted a modern, sophisticated logo and brand identity for Making Home, a premier one stop shop realty and home design resource. Making Home differentiates itself from it’s competitors by providing a personalized experience intended to help shoppers find home in it’s best form, whether that entails strictly realty services, or by working with shoppers to craft their dream home with MH’s design services. With these offerings, Making Home intends to attract couples and families who are looking for that special place that may indeed be their forever home. The branding therefore needed to generate a few feelings for viewers: a sense of belonging and home, design forward thinking, and uniqueness in an already well serviced market. Highlighting the ‘full service agency’ nature of Making Home would be important in continuing to differentiate itself in the market. It would be important also in speaking to those potential clients looking to invest time and love into what potentially could be their forever home.


The logo is approachable, clean, and sophisticated. The result of these visuals is to encourage clients to feel comfortable with our attention to finding, creating, and selling their home, instead of feeling alienated by the unnatural, glamorous experience portrayed in home design magazines. The logo is distinguished by a clear sans-serif font, and a luxurious serifed font. The location emblem with a key hole in the middle refers to the process of finding home. The logo is accented with the use of a happy, mustard color which further reflects the cozy and polished nature of the brand. These elements meld together to reflect the refined and grounded nature of the work Making Home does for it's clients. Making Home is positioned to help their target make home in a way that is visually interesting and comforting, just like the logo.

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