October 26, 2017

Does My Business Need A Designer?

Need A Designer? This guide will help you determine if your business is ready.

How To Know When Your Business Is Ready For A Designer


Does your business need design help? It’s a big deal handing over your can-do, DIY attitude and letting someone else take the reigns. Especially with something as subjective as your brand- your baby! Or with something that exists only in your mind as a fuzzy idea of what could be, and hoping that someone else will get it. Add money into the equation, and you’ve got yourself a really big deal! Trusting someone with something so subjective, in a way that affects your bottom line? It’s enough to make anyone queasy!

I understand. This is no simple matter, and you’ll need to know that the trust you put in a designer, like me, is well placed. So much of what I do can be subjective (you don’t like red, so I won’t make your logo red), but more of what I do is based in research, fundamental design principles, and is built to satisfy the question “What Works?” rather than “What do I like?”.

Your brand or the imagery you need has to earn it’s keep. It needs to do it’s job in order to be successful. My experience informs me on how to build your visual needs, and how to craft them in a way that will make them successful for your goals.

To put it in perspective, I recently broke down and paid to get the website I needed for my business. Although I knew I could learn to code, or figure out a certain WordPress website template, it was taking too much time, the results were a little sub-par, and my frustration level was through the roof. Spending what I needed to in order to give me the control and the results I was looking for in a much easier way was a godsend!!! Three exclamation marks! However, I knew I needed to justify it by knowing how the website would affect my business, and how I was going to fund the cost. It took time, but eventually, the timing and money was right, and I saw the investment pay off for my business immediately.

Knowing when you need a designer, and acting on it, can behave in much the same way. But you have to be in the right place. The question remains, how will you know you need a designer, and that you’ll be ready for that investment? Truthfully, you might not be. DIY and can-do spirit might still be your best friends right now- and that’s okay. We all start somewhere. Believe me, if you could see my old website iterations, you’d agree! So pals, I’m inviting you to join my email newsletter, where I’ll answer the question of how to know if you need a designer! My seven tips for how to know when you’re ready are meant to hep you determine where your business’ visual needs are. In addition, I’ll be supplying you with some recommendations for resources (some of them free!) to help jump start your business, DIY style. It’s like Christmas in October!

The hustle is real, and everyone is going to convince you that you need it all right now in order to be successful. That is not what I’m suggesting at all. I want you to be in the right place, prepared and excited to invest in the visuals for your business. If you read the newsletter and determine you are ready, awesome! I would be so excited to sit down and collaborate with you! If you’re not ready, well then I will do my best to make the DIY-ing as easy for you as I can. It’s tough out there! I know the struggle, and I want to help make it easier for you.

So the question remains: do you need a designer? Head to my homepage to sign up for the newsletter, and have a great rest of your week, guys!

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