An outline of my services is listed below. Design isn’t an exact science, and your creativity may have cooked up an idea that I had never considered! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out and let’s have a real conversation together. That way I can help you brainstorm the best solution.

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Branding is super fun, but it's a big decision, and one that should not be made solely on the question, “is this cool-looking?”. While cool-looking could definitely be one of your goals, branding is the cornerstone of your business, and it's based in real investigation. It's the first impression people get, and the thing that will help you tell the world that you mean business. So don't trust it to the clearance section of the internet- invest when you're ready, as you would with any other part of your business.

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Stylistically, I love a mixture of traditional and digital elements, which I refer to as "tra-digital". It's fun, and it works well with a fast deadline! Nothing beats an awesome, targeted, branded illustration to help get your target audiences' attention. Lots of big brands are doing it these days: people love visuals, and it helps lend an air of authenticity to whatever you're trying to promote. Interested but not sure how it would work for your project? No problem! That's exactly what I'm prepared to do for you. Reach out, let's collaborate!

I'm ready to get creative!

Need an example? Check out these illustrations for Mozzi's Adventure Mats

For example:

- Spot Illustrations for Print or Web
- Collateral Illustration
- Concept Illustration

- Unique Emailers
- Attention Grabbing Signage


Brand Identity (Style rules for how your brand looks everywhere. It helps refine your messaging across all platforms.)

- Business Cards
- Digital Presentations
- Direct Mail Pieces
- Signage
- Editable PDFs





why work with emily

I'm excited to learn about your awesome projects! If you're on the fence about any of this, check out what I can tell you about the design process, no matter what type of creative need you have.

I'm here to help you bring clarity to your creative needs. I'm not here to serve my own design wants using your project as a vehicle. I want to understand your project fully, and I want to understand what you need to deliver on. I'm here to listen, and serve you in the best way I can.

I want to serve YOU.

no. 1

Dealing with designers can be tricky. We use crazy art jargon, we're not known for being especially organized, and our process is nothing if not mysterious. Not so with me. I know that this can be an issue when dealing with designers, so I want to make the project as clear to you as possible. Prior to beginning, you'll be asked to fill out a description of the project that will continue to guide my design decisions after the initial meeting. I'll then keep you updated about the status of your project periodically throughout it's completion, and once complete you'll have your designs, and documentation on how to use them. Continuous communication and follow up are really important to me. 

Yeah, so... the whole... design thing...

no. 2

I've worked in numerous industries where timing was a serious guiding factor, and I've done so many different types of projects under those tight timelines. This has given me a great sense of how long it takes me to complete anything- so when I tell you you'll have your project when you need it, you had better believe I'll deliver.

I know my timelines

no. 3

Beyond the other factors, I'd like you to know that you won't just get a design- you'll be getting a useable design. Everything I do is built to be easily editable by me, and anyone else that will need to touch the finished project. Your design becomes a meaningful piece of usable brand collateral, not just a pretty thing to paste on your letterheads (although you can do that too!).


no. 4


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